Nikolà Dhegbo 

My good addresses in belleville


- Les Triplettes : 102 Boulevard de Belleville 75020 Paris

- Le Canibale : 93 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris

- Song hoat : 1 rue Civiale 75010 Paris

- Lao Siam : 49 rue de Belleville 75019 Paris 


The idea of Belleville hills came to me simply because I wanted to pay homage to the neighborhood that welcomed my parents when they arrived in France.

They used to live there and my mother used to talk to me a lot about Belleville when I was a child especially since my two brothers were born there.

It is a cosmopolitan neighborhood in which Maghreb / frica black / Pakistani / Jewish / Asian cohabit.

Since I grew up in the 90s in front of all those American series that were taking place in LA more than in NYC, I liked the contrast between Belleville and Beverly Hills so I played on it.

I took the codes of the colleges of its series and I nicely adapted it them to my Belleville Hills;)


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