The Brand


Das Mot brings words, books, music, movies, embroideries and organic cotton together. As a brand that is made in France and ethically put together in Paris, Das Mot first offers sweats and t-shirts that are both UNISEX and kids friendly while assuring the traceability of its products.

The proximity that we have with our providers has many advantages. However, our collections are limited. Our aim is to make you feel unique. Das mot has for moto to bring people together under the tile of beautiful words.

As for the growth of Das Mot’s Label, we are already creating new exciting goods in order for the brand to grow organically and naturally.


The explanation

Words Never Die.

A word can never be recalled,
It remains forever said, 
As long as there is memory, 
No word is ever dead.
Now careless words once spoken,
Can bring grief to heart,
And often time in memory,
These words can never depart.
To make the world a sadder,
Or a happier place each day,
Is within the power of each of us,
By just the thing we say.
Since words live forever,
It's up to you and me,
To see that what we say each day,
Makes the world a better place to be
Unknown author

As we live in a chaotic and hectic world, only simple words are necessary to live on. That is why, the brand is wholesomely thought around the simple but yet dazing power of words. Das Mot? Translated in German, Das means “The”, “A”, “This “in English & Mot means “word”. 

Das Mot translates to “The word “, “A word “or “This word”. 

This injunction has multiple senses, it therefore assumes a perfect neutrality to accompany Mot. 

Das Mot, so that everyone can appropriate a word, make it live and have fun telling his own story. “Mot, pour la beauté du mot". “Word, for the beauty of the word.” A tribute to the Francophonie and Franco philia in the world.

Through words, Das Mot is a caring and altruistic brand in which every individual finds his place and lives freely and independently in order to be One with the world.


The Heart & Mind behind Das Mot: 

Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco

Das Mot creative director uses her audience as an enthusiastic fashion activist. 


She said : "Before creating the blog "Une Libanaise a Paris”, I was a political journalist and a Literary Chronicler. Today, I am the artistic director of a brand.

I have always lived my young career as something disjointed. More than a decade in search of perfection ... in vain. As I look back, placing extra or ordinary words into meaningful sentences was my motor. The portrait I did for Amine’s Maaoulf "le goût des mots”, “the taste of words “enhanced my obsession. I always thought, as a man who masters the function of words by taking part in the “Academie Francaise “, does he always find the right ones to say? As I found out that even masters have a difficulty to juggle with words, I understood that since words live forever, only YOU & ME have the power to care for the words that go unspoken. 

If you put Life, Imperfection and beautiful together, you can have ‘Life is Imperfect, but life is beautiful.’  Together, these words help me reinvent myself every day and in everything I do. 

Through Das Mot, I can’t wait to hear what are your favorite words!"



With Das Mot, our creative director reviving the word “Habibi” embroidered on a sweat and printed on a t-shirt. 10% of the sales will be given all year round to Sila, an association that Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco represent as an ambassador and that is very dear to her heart. SILA is a charitable association, created by students at SCIENCES PO Paris, who have for aim to change the perceptions that societies have on refugees. SILA connects refugees who find shelter in Paris and its suburbs with the residents of Ile- de –France in order for them to offer their services. Whether they are culinary chefs, craftsman, carpenters or designers, these refugees will be exchanging their services with any residents in Ile de France. SILA is a platform created to facilitate their insertion in the working life. SILA wants to separate preconceived ideas that exist in regards to refugees from reality. A reality in wish the word “refugee” is only a political status and not a human one. Refugees are people. People who, before being forced to flee their homes and land, had jobs and were passionate, just like the rest of us.