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“Womanist” Kids Tee-shirt in Red Bourgeois



Who believing in and respecting the abilities and talents of women; acknowledging women's contributions to society.

Womanist pertaining to a type of feminism that acknowledges the abilities and contributions of black women.

The term "womanist" combines sexism and racism. The word, derived from an idiomatic expression of the South of the United States and derived from the civil rights movement, is attributed to Alice Walker, author of Purple Color, in the book In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens: Womanist Prose (1983). This current, close to the black feminism of Angela Davis, for example, maintains that the roots of feminism, often white and dominant, are too Eurocentric and that this current is by definition not inclusive or intersectional. Already, in 1851, the former Sojourner Truth slave titled her speech "Is not I am Woman?" To the Women's Rights Convention, alluding to her specific condition of Racialized woman.


Children Tee-shirt in organic coton. Wash inside out.

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